he best life insurance policy is one that is in place when you need it. You should spend your life on whats most important to you. Working hard, playing hard, and living a full life is much easier if you have the proper safety nets. Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, and Long Term Care policies will give you the freedom to fully participate in your life and look forward to an enjoyable retirement.    King Asset Protection can write life policies to allow you the care free lifestyle, while preparing you for the unforeseen and planning for your future. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote and we will customize a cost effective policy to benefit your situation. The information we collect is private and confidential. We do not ever share information with advertisers, businesses, or other individuals. We ask for only the essential information to get us started. Life policies are important, and King Asset Protection regards each life with respectful regard and offers personalized service to each and every customer.